• Siglos Integrates All Your Cloud & IT Ops Tools

    Everything Together - Find & Fix Things Faster


    Then Design, Build, Manage, Monitor, Troubleshoot, Govern, Secure, and Automate Your Systems - In a Single Platform: Siglos

  • Our Vision

    A Single Ops Platform to Integrate Them All



    • Hardware
    • Network
    • OS & Cloud
    • Services
    • Cloud Services
    • Serverless
    • App & SLIs


    • Phys Servers
    • Data Centers
    • Private Clouds 
    • Hybrids
    • Public Clouds 
    • Cloud Services 
    • Serverless


    • Architecture
    • Configurations
    • Metrics
    • Golden Signals
    • Logs & Events
    • APM & Traces
    • Tickets & ITIL


    • New System
    • Take Overs
    • Migrations
    • Optimizations
    • Governance
    • Security
    • Long-Term Ops


    • Help Desk
    • Junior Ops
    • Senior Ops
    • DBAs/SecOps
    • Managers
    • Partners
    • CEO
  • Our Goal: Making Ops Life Easier

    Avoid Ops Overload & Tyranny of the Tools

    Know All the Things

    Single Source of Truth & System of Record

    Combine Design, Build, CMDB, Audit, Metrics, Events, History, Diagrams, Discovery, and Models to know everything about your entire system, all the time.

    Troubleshoot Faster

    Unified View, Data, Rules, Runbooks and More

    Combined Metrics, Audits, Configs, Events and Expert Systems with Runbook and Auto-Healing to fix things. Reduce MTTR every day.

    Deal with Dynamic Systems

    Deal with Docker, ServerLess, Lambda, etc.

    Dynamic Discovery with Deep CMDB, Models, and multi-source Confirmation ensure you can Manage, Monitor, and Track everything everywhere as it changes.

    Move & Change Faster

    Change Everything, Every Day

    Full system models, reverse, change engineering and automation allow easy DevOps support, faster changes, new system builds, and documentation to track it all.

  • Siglos is exactly what

    we needed.

    - Global MSP

    Siglos is the most powerful

    & advanced integrated

    platform I've seen.

    - Industry Analyst

    Siglos has “unique unified approach to infrastructure & application management with DevOps focus.”

    - 451 Research

  • Simplify Your Ops Life with the

    World's Only Unified Ops Platform

    Built on 10 years of Large Scale System Management Experience

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