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A Hundred Engineers Running Systems Have Created An Ops Platform For You

Forged in the fires of real Cloud Ops by one of the world's top MSPs

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A Hundred Engineers Running Systems for a Billion Users have Created an Ops Management System for You.

Once upon a time, a hundred boys & girls from 20 countries designed, built, and managed a hundreds of systems for a billion people in the Middle Kingdom. They dealt with continual chaos and complex systems of every kind every day, and along the way built dozens of tools to ease their burden.

After ten years, they combined these tools into a unified operations platform called Siglos. Forged in the operations trenches by master operations engineers working with every architecture, technology, and industry, Siglos supports Full-Stack and Full Life-Cycle operations. The team and tools have done battle with every evil cloud, network, security, and reliability demon there is.

Taming Continual Chaos of Dynamic System is our Challenge

Along the way, they had to build new systems and take over many messy existing ones, dealing with unruly customers, continual changes, and general disorder in the highest degree. All while keeping the lights on, trains running, music flowing, shooters shooting, ads selling, and e-commerce commencing. In the Modern Wild West of the Internet.

They put their deep knowledge into expert systems, with rules and auto-healing to fix things fast at 3am. And their expertise into what to monitor, how to visualize it, how to detect anomalies, and the best metrics to tune and troubleshoot systems with.

They love deep monitoring because they need to know what was going on, in every part of the system, for alerting, tuning, and troubleshooting of systems and services, including nearly all versions of everything.

Knowing Everything about Everything is an Every Day Thing

And a CMDB that knows every config item, of every services, everywhere, because this was the only way to know what was running (as customers never know, there's no documentation, and it’s impossible to manually gather over hundreds of servers, systems, and services. And it changes all the time, often without warning, by customers, vendors, automation, and other random reasons.

They added in a lot more, to build systems, secure them, manage their cost and automation and oh so much more. Their goal is building the best & most comprehensive ops platform on the planet.

A hundred engineers running hundreds of systems for a billion users have created an Ops Platform for you, Siglos.

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