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AIOPS - Incidents & Alert Groups

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Siglos is pleased to announce our new AIOPs Alert Grouping feature, our version of advanced Incident Management. As all Ops teams know, alerts are here, there and everywhere. So many that most operations teams gets “Alert Fatigue” and start to ignore them. Alerts and their relationships are also hard to understand, including which are important, and what the real problems are. This is especially difficult in modern dynamic microservice-based systems.

Siglos's new advanced functionality automatically uses Alert details, history and especially CMDB dependencies to group related Alerts together. Then it uses AI/ML to determine the best root cause Alerts to focus on within a group. Finally it links to the Alert Manager, Expert Systems, Procedure system and/or Auto-Healing to actually fix the problem.

Alert Groups, Root-Cause Analysis, and Procedures allow every engineer to troubleshot problems in complex distributed microsystems, where problems can be hard to find, only for some features, and only at certain times. Combined with other of Siglos's powerful features such as Golden Signals, it allows engineers to dive quickly into the system to see exactly which component or service is causing problems.

Grouping ensures that related alerts are put together, even if they don’t happen all at the same time. Often the more important or root cause alerts can happen long before, or after, the main symptom such as serious web or app errors. Grouping ensures that engineers see all the alerts, and don't just focus on the latest or highest priority one.

The new Alert Grouping feature is a key part of Siglos's AIOps and Incident Management processes, designed to bring advanced troubleshooting capabilities to every engineer, for every system. In today’s world of complex distributed microservices, it takes sophisticated tools to ensure operational excellence, 7x24.


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