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CI & CMDB Dependencies

Siglos is proud to announce OpsStack’s new CMDB Service Maps, which graphically show all of a system’s services, interconnections and dependencies. For each service, the maps also shows status, Golden Signals, and more. Service Maps are a very powerful troubleshooting tool, especially valuable as for popular microservices, DevOps, and distributed architectures.

Based on Siglos' deep CMDB system, Service Maps really help Ops teams understand the system architecture, the dependencies, and the current status of every part of the system. This is especially useful when there are problems, and when systems are updated often in modern dynamic and microservice-oriented systems.

Service Maps also show business impact, since they include Business Services such as e-commerce, shopping carts, payment processing, etc. which gives both a full picture of the whole system. This means user can immediately know what real system, feature or user base is affected by a problem. This is important in complex inter-dependent systems, where it’s often hard to know what affects what.

Service Map dependency data are also used for AIOPS, Alert Grouping, and Root Cause Analyses. These important features help users quickly manage alerts and solve problems, 7x24.

Siglos is adding major new features every month, with the CMDB and Service Maps just a part of several exciting spring releases. This spring’s focus is on faster troubleshooting, additional clouds, billing enhancements, on-premise deployments, and much more.

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