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Full-Stack Cloud Builds

Infrastructure, Services, and Code

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Siglos, the world's only Integrated Cloud & Ops Management Platform, has enhanced our core CMP functionality with full-stack builds, that can provision the cloud, services, software, and code all at once.

Building upon our existing Cloud Catalog system, this exciting new feature adds Ansible playbooks to the process, so users can define both the cloud native stack, usually in Cloud Formation or ARM Templates, then Ansible playbooks to complete the process.

This allows users to define & provision an entire system, often including deploying code, all at once, in a single Catalog Item, with related approvals, tracking, etc. This further ensures that only standardized, approved, and secure systems are being built.

Previously, mostly cloud management systems focus on the cloud part, ignoring the required elemental OS, package, container and software process steps necessary to build a real system. This caused lots of systems to get out of sync or be difficult to update as various parts were spread among various management tools.

These full-stack catalogs are also related to the Siglos Cloud Governance System which continually checks and protects running systems after they are built. Future versions will link these, so users can pre-check systems before they are built, incorporating guardrails and gates in the process.

Catalogs will soon be extended to Terraform and later to other config-management tools, widening the supported systems, clouds, and tools.

Siglos is the worlds most advanced integrated cloud management platform, continuously adding features to support complex systems, across data centers, clouds, containers, serverless and more.

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