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Siglos, the world's only Integrated Cloud & Ops Management Platform, has upgraded our ITIL features to full ITSM ticketing, including Alerts, Incidents, Changes, Requests, Problems, and more. This is part of the overall ITSM feature suite, including multiple levels of CMDB, notifications, history, Knowledge Base, Procedures, and integrations all across the rest of the platform.

ITIL & ITSM of course provide a wide-range of IT & Ops team management tools, especially ticketing and tracking of all the myriad of things going on all around the IT part of the enterprise. It form a core part of most IT operations, and often extends to Incident Management, Post-Mortems, various types of reporting, and more.

Siglos' core ITSM functionality gives users solid ITIL management tools for their IT processes, and can be leveraged and bi-directionally integrated into larger platforms such as Service Now, Jira, and others throughout the organization.


This allows customers to use the core internal ticket system or rely on systems like Service Now, knowing that alerts, tracking, events, etc. are fully visible across both platforms.


Future features include Ticket SLA and other reporting, flexible ticket fields, templates and approvals, plus various workflow options.

Siglos is the worlds most advanced integrated cloud management platform, continuously adding features to support complex systems, across data centers, clouds, containers, serverless and more.

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