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Log Metrics are now a part of our core Siglos Unified Operations Platform. Logs are everywhere, from the OS to web servers, databases, containers, clouds, and everything else. Siglos already has advanced log gathering, aggregation, searching, and analytics as part of its Log Centers for debugging and troubleshooting.

Log Metrics is a new feature that continually processes logs into metrics such as queries or requests per second, error rates, latency, and so on. These data can then be used for alerting, graphs, and especially anomaly detection directly on log data. This provides a whole new level of data and information, especially when graphed, that allows users to see deeper into their systems.

When combined with dashboards, users can see both direct monitoring metrics such as CPU, RAM, and connections, together with log metrics to see a full picture of their systems. For larger systems, dedicated log dashboards are easily built to focus on these key areas. In addition, custom log metrics are easy to add, to help debug specific features or functions.
Anomaly Detection can also leverage log metrics to detect hard-to-find problems such as higher error rates or other custom log data that may change unexpectedly over time. This is great for finding unusual Java exceptions, strange web log patterns, and much more. Cluster alerting can also ensure all servers are logging roughly the same metrics, quickly finding outliers or struggling servers.

This advanced logging feature is immediately available to all customers, for all supported log types, and is part of the Common Data System, so it can be used for alerting, notifications, dashboards, expert systems, graphs, tech centers, and more.

Siglos is one of the world's most advanced Unified Operations Platforms, supporting Design, Build, Monitoring, CMDB, Governance, Billing, Troubleshooting, Logging, and much more across popular clouds, data centers, containers, and more.

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