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Managed Cloud Catalogs

Approved Building Blueprints

Siglos, the world's only Integrated Cloud & Ops Management Platform, has enhanced our core CMP functionality with Managed Cloud Catalogs. These important management elements let users define, approve, and build structure cloud stacks, using native templates such as AWS Cloud Formation, Azure Resource Manager Templates, or Terraform.

This allows senior engineers to pre-define standard best-practice templates and stacks, which can then be approved and built by others all across the enterprise. This greatly reduces both the time and errors involved in building new systems, and maintains consistency across systems, business units, and applications.

Catalog Items or Stacks handle all the normal templates inputs and outputs, plus can be directed to any global region, VPC, subnet, etc. to encourage re-use and standardization.

Catalogs are also related to the Siglos Cloud Governance System which continually checks and protects running systems after they are built. Future versions will link these, so users can pre-check systems before they are built, incorporating guardrails and gates in the process.

Siglos is the worlds most advanced integrated cloud management platform, continuously adding features to support complex systems, across data centers, clouds, containers, serverless and more.

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