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Multi-Cloud Console

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Siglos, the world's only Integrated Cloud & Ops Management Platform, now has the first Multi-Cloud Active Console, which combines the console functionality of leading clouds into a unified interface, including active operations such as Start, Stop, and other common tasks. This saves engineers time and reduces training requirements in managing many clouds simultaneously, while speeding up troubleshooting and providing a shared interface so the whole DevOps team has the same system view.

Supporting both global and China regions for AWS, Azure, Aliyun, Tencent, and Huawei clouds, Siglos is a key component of any successful multi-cloud strategy, as companies spread their systems, digital assets, and operations among and across various cloud providers.

Support for VMWare and Kubernetes is coming soon, and will include the rest of Siglos' Cloud Management Features, including Governance, Billing & Cost, Provisioning, Monitoring, Logging, and more. All that on top of Siglos' core management, monitoring, alerting, logging, compliance, CMDB, AIOps, and troubleshooting features.

Siglos is the worlds most advanced integrated cloud management platform, continuously adding features to support complex systems, across data centers, clouds, containers, serverless and more.

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