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New Cloud Cost Savings Center

Hunting for Ways to Save Money

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Siglos, the world's only Integrated Cloud & Ops Management Platform, is happy to release our Cloud Cost Savings Center, which analyzes existing cloud resource use, suggesting ways to save money.

Today's clouds are very dynamic, and usually very democratic, so anyone and everyone can create cloud resources. And they do. But then they forget them. Or they over-provision them. All of which wastes money, sometimes in absurd amount.

Generally billing solutions, such as the Siglos Cloud Billing Center, can often find these high costs after the fact, but are not very proactive nor focused on drilling down to the key cost drivers.

The Siglos Cost Savings Center focused on wasteful resources, such as:

  • Larger VMs with low utilization
  • Larger disks that may not be necessary
  • Disks with high provisioned IOPs
  • Unused Disks
  • and more ...

Future enhancements include more resource types, tag-based exclusions, and more.

Cost savings is important to every company, so as we all work to make things more dynamic and easier to build & use, keeping the costs under control becomes increasingly important, too. The new Siglos Cloud Cost Savings Center is an important tool to help save you money.

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