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Summer Siglos Update

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Welcome to the Summer 2019 newsletter, designed to update you on all the changes, features, and exciting new things we are doing.

Cloud Updates

The spring & summer have been focused on adding a lot more support for new and existing clouds including Tencent, Azure, and Kubernetes plus lots of powerful new features all across the platform.

Cloud Catalogs & Provisioning has been released for AWS Cloud Formation and Azure Resource Groups. Terraform-based clouds such as Aliyun and Tencent will come soon. Catalogs allow users to build, version, and track pre-approved template-based full-stack systems.

Cloud Billing has also been released for Aliyun, Azure, and Tencent, bringing cost controls and analyses to customers on these important clouds. Cost saving recommendations and projections will also come soon across all clouds.

CMT Governance and security are now also available for Azure and have been upgraded for all clouds. Security Standards such as CIS are being added now.

Dashboards, CMDB, and Service Maps

The Dashboard has been upgraded with more widgets and power, including scopes for more dynamic display and management. Data sources have also been added, including Billing, Cloud Resource, and Governance summaries.


We are working on migrating to a Grafana-based dashboard, which will greatly enhance the entire system, including editing, displays, and overall power. Expect to see that in the fall.

A new Enterprise CMDB is now available, with standard CIs, classes, and relationships. This drives the new Service Map system which show how all the pieces of a system are connected, which is especially useful for microservice-based systems. Service Maps also show all Golden Signals (SLIs) for given services and are continually being enhanced.

Logging & APM

Logging continues to improve with better parsing and new support for Docker containers, including auto-detection of log types. Cisco and networking support has also been upgraded.

Log metrics are now generally available, providing Golden Signals such as HTTP rates and errors via the Common Data System.

APM is still in-progress as we integrate the Elastic APM subsystem.

Monitoring & Alerting

Monitoring continues to improve, with more metrics and configurations, plus a planned major upgrade of the management and config system this fall.

Alerting has been upgraded with AIOps Alert Groups and Incidents. This powerful feature combines and condenses alerts, provides dynamic prioritization, and does root-cause determination based on the CMDB and service dependencies.

Ticketing & ITIL

A completely new Ticket system has been introduced, including bi-directional synchronization with both ServiceNow and Jira. This is being extended to include the rest of the ITIL framework, including Requests, Changes, Incidents, and Problems, and will be available in October.

Additional ITIL & ITSM features such as workflows, approvals, queues, escalations, and notifications are also coming this fall.

Installation & Support

Completely new Linux & Windows installers are available, finally retiring our old bash and Python-based tooling. In addition, new on-site Docker containers and installs are available for enterprise customers, along with automatic service detection and logging collector configuration.

A whole new agentless system is in development, to be released this fall as our Local Management Server (LMS). This will be a very big upgrade, allowing much faster trials and deployments as no more installs will be required.

Docker & Kubernetes support have also been enhanced to include discovery, deeper monitoring, and bringing K8S into the cloud management framework to show hosts, pods, services, metrics, logs and more.

Other Items

Tags are working their way through the system, having been added in lots of places and are now being synchronized with AWS and soon other clouds. Long-term this will replace the current ‘System’ organization.

Notifications have been rebuilt as a multi-channel, multi-event notifying engine, allowing each user to tune when and how they get notified about anything & everything happening.

Menus have also been upgraded for better usability, including a new three-level design which makes deeper areas such as Cloud Management much easier to find and use. Look for more visual menu updates soon.


We are hard at work continually updating with new features along with minor improvements. You can always check the Release Notes (on the upper-right User Menu) for detailed updates, and we’ll highlight key improvements here each quarter.

We also love to get your feedback and ideas for new features or improvements, so please send your ideas to our project managers or sales team.

As always, if you have any questions or need help, email us at!

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