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Siglos now support all cloud features for the popular Tencent cloud, both in China and globally. As Tencent is one of China's leading clouds, especially popular with global gaming companies, this broadens coverage to this important customer group, including global customers heading into China.

Feature support includes the Siglos Cloud Center, Cloud Service Monitoring, Cloud Governance, and Billing Analytics. This brings Tencent up to the same level enjoyed by Aliyun and Huawei customers, both in China and globally.

Tencent support is part of the Siglos multi-cloud support, which brings advanced cloud design, build, monitoring, and management to all the world's popular cloud platforms. Siglos is uniquely engineered to easily add new clouds across its full spectrum of features.

Future Tencent features will include advanced Billing Analytics, Provisioning, and Discovery.

Siglos is one of the world's most advanced Unified Operations Platforms, supporting Design, Build, Monitoring, CMDB, Governance, Billing, Troubleshooting, Logging, and much more across popular clouds, data centers, containers, and more.

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