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    Does Siglos Need an Agent?

    Yes, it installs an open-source Zabbix monitoring agent, plus a set of CMDB Collector and Automation agents.


    Note that our Agents and any related code or configuration can ALWAYS be safely removed without affecting your systems; this is very different from how invasive systems like Control Panel work.

    How Does Siglos Install on Hosts?

    We use a Python-based installer that does a number of things:

    • Validates your OS and Distribution (RHEL, Centos, Ubuntu, AWS Linux, etc._
    • Installs our Zabbix monitoring agents
    • Configures your Syslog system to send us logs
    • Installs our CMDB Collector (Python)
    • Installs our Automation/CI/CD Runner (plus Ansible)
    • Discovers and, with your permission, configures  Services for monitoring (Nginx, Apache, MySQL, etc.)

    Tell Me About Security

    We are fanatical about Operational Security and are happy to talk more about how we protect Siglos itself and your system from Siglos. We assume all systems are compromised at all times, and act accordingly (i.e. those who tell you they can protect their systems and thus your systems are not being honest). This requires solving some very thorny problems, some of which we are still working on.

    Do Your Agents Collect Passwords?

    Not if we can help it. The only place we pick up any passwords is for MySQL where we audit users and related passwords to make sure a given user has the same passwords for all hosts (to avoid lockout) and that every user has a different password (to prevent sharing). We do this by hashing the PW itself on the server before sending to us, so we can compare for differences but can never reverse the PW

    More Questions ?

    We're happy to answer any question on how this all works. Please email us at Siglos.

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