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    Engineers love Siglos, and how it improves their lives with faster, more reliable systems


    One of China's Largest Ad Platforms

    "Siglos is a convenient, efficient and intuitive platform to manage our systems."

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    China's Largest On-Line News

    "Siglos offers a wide variety of practical tools that really help manage our expanding system's operations."

    Sixth Tone

    Global News Portal

    "Siglos integrates design, building, management, and optimization - it's full of extremely useful features."

  • Making Ops Life Easier

    Avoid Ops Overload & Tyranny of the Tools

    Know All the Things

    Single Source of Truth & System of Record

    Combine CMDB, Audit, Metrics, Events, History, Diagrams, Discovery, and Models to know everything about your entire system, all the time.

    Troubleshoot Faster

    Unified View, Data, Rules, Run

    Combined Metrics, Audits, Configs, Events and Expert Systems with Runbook and Auto-Healing to fix things. Reducing MTTR every day.

    Deal with Dynamic Systems

    Deal with Docker, ServerLess, Lambda, etc.

    Dynamic Discovery with Deep CMDB, Models, and multi-source Confirmation ensure you can Manage, Monitor, and Track everything everywhere as it changes.

    Move & Change Faster

    Change Everything, Every Day

    Full system models, reverse, change engineering and automation allow easy DevOps support, faster changes, new system builds, and documentation to track it all.

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