• Our Story

    How we are able to run anything, anywhere, on any cloud

  • Siglos - Born of Necessity

    From many years of building large systems in China and around the world


    Siglos is the result of 10 years of large-scale system operations by ChinaNetCloud, one of the world's top Managed Service Providers. ChinaNetCloud has spent a decade in China designing, managing, and optimizing large systems, up to 250 million users each.


    Given the chaos and challenges of the China market, we had to build most of our own tools, with dozens of specialized systems to run hundreds of systems on a daily basis. Siglos is the commercialization of those tools, knowledge, and best practices.

    Siglos Now

    We've launched our first commercial version of this amazing platform, combining over 25 of our best tools and technologies, including Design, Build, Monitor, Alert, CMDB, Tuning, Audit, Tech Centers, Security, DevOps, Automation, Cloud, Logging, and more.

    Where We Are Going

    We are just getting started, as our vision and roadmap includes dozens more core functions and advancements in the state-of-the-art in many operations areas. These include more modeling and design, micro-service and server-less services, more auto discovery and configuration, deeper monitoring and troubleshooting insights, and much, much more.

  • Our Timeline

    Supporting hundreds of large-scale systems for many years

    10 Years of Managing Large-Scale Systems

    Has lead us to build Siglos for you - By Ops for Ops

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